Michael Bolton gets a bad rap. Yeah, I said it.

Even though the guy’s been rumored to be kind of a prima donna, and even though he’s gotten carried away with the vocal pyrotechnics on occasion, I’ll be the first to admit that the former Michael Bolotin can carry a tune. As overwrought as he could be, I can think of 10 or so songs from his popular era (1988-1995 or so). Granted, I can also pick out as many songs from his popular era that I wish to never hear again, but, you know what I’m getting at. He wasn’t all bad.

“That’s What Love is All About” was Bolton’s first major hit, coming from 1987’s “The Hunger” and just narrowly missing the Top 10 on the pop charts. It was a fairly typical 80s pop/soul ballad-lots of watery keyboards and all-everything except for a sax solo. What made the song unique was Bolton’s searing (some might say melodramatic) vocal delivery. Nevertheless, Michael hit the promo trail hard for this song, performing it on “American Bandstand”, “It’s Showtime at the Apollo” and “Solid Gold”, which is where I believe this clip comes from.

Check out Randy Jackson in the background, showing off his best I’m-not-really-playing-bass moves!

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