For this week’s edition of Award Show Sundays, I’ve decided to not only travel back in time to 1997, but we’re going across the pond to the U.K. for the Brit Awards. That year, the people who organize that particular ceremony saw fit to honor Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, AKA The Bee Gees. I believe this marks two consecutive Sundays (or at least two out of three) that we’ve done a piece on the Gibb brothers, but this performance was way too awesome to pass up.

“To Love Somebody” into “Massachusetts” into “Words” into a version of “How Deep is Your Love” (proof of how embedded into my psyche this song is-as soon as the first notes played, I got the shiver of recognition and my eyes welled up-no exaggeration) into “Jive Talkin'” into the inevitable “Stayin’ Alive” and closing up with “You Should Be Dancing” (at which point everyone in that damn place should have been up and moving), this is proof that the Gibbs conducted a damn near 40 year master class on how to create classic music.

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