– Since the Carmelo trade the Knicks are 1-6 against below .500 teams and 6-2 against above .500 teams. Yeah you read that right.
– In a related note, since the Knicks are above .500 (barely) for the first time in 7 years, ticket prices are going up 49% next year. Thank you James Dolan.
– People are complaining that the NBA is becoming too top-heavy. Look at seeds 5-8 in the west. If you’re, say, the Lakers do you want to see any of those teams in the 1st round?
– Chicago is now tied with Boston for the #1 seed and Miami is only 2 games out. Boston proved last year that you can make the finals with a lower seed, but the #1 seed is going to have a big advantage this year. Why? Because the #1 seed gets to play either the bad Pacers, the awful Bobcats, or the terrible Bucks in the first round instead of the Knicks or 76’ers.
– Cleveland was down by 24 points against Portland in the FIRST QUARTER! There should be a rule where if a team goes down by 40 points (which they did in the 2nd quarter) the game just ends. Why waste everyone’s time? By the way, how is that even possible?
– Kevin Love finally ended his streak of 53 consecutive double doubles. The longest streak of that kind in 37 years. This is a record Shaq, Dwight Howard, Hakeem, etc. couldn’t even come close to. I feel that if Love didn’t play for the Twolves this story would have been talked about a lot more. Oh, by the way, he’s only 22.

Speaking of K-Love, you might want to check out the almost Bill Simmons-esque Knick Theory! Very interesting stats!

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