You know how I know I’m spoiled?

I downloaded the Be the One EP from Moby’s website a few days ago and caught myself getting pissed because it was only three songs! I had to remind myself, “dude, it’s FREE!!”

The ubiquity of Moby’s breakout album, Play (just about every song was licensed to a TV show or commercial of some sort) is now over a decade behind us (and the fact that the album’s still enjoyable after all of that speaks volumes about how good it is). If you were a fan of that album, you should be able to get into this EP, not to mention everything that he’s recorded then and now-the man is nothing if not consistent.

This EP’s a teaser for Moby’s upcoming full-length studio album, Destroyed, which gets it’s release sometime in May. The three songs on Be the One will also feature on Destroyed, according to Moby himself. You know, I’ll ride a little extra for Moby, because unlike a lot of popular musicians, he actually seems to have a personality and some self awareness. Follow his tweets (@TheLittleIdiot) for proof.

Man, it’s shaping up to be a pretty big spring for good music. Between this and Wendy & Lisa, it’s also been a pretty good week for (legally) free music! Enjoy!

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