One of the great things about the YouTube revolution is the fact that it’s made artists a little more creative with their visual presentation. For a while, we were at the point where just about every video on MTV was a big-budget production featuring bottles popping, the obligatory club scene and…well, basically everything The Roots lampooned in their video for “What They Do”. That period lasted way too damn long.

Anyway, one of the freakiest videos I’ve seen in a while (from a visual standpoint, not a sexual standpoint…in that regard, I’ve seen far freakier recently) is Bilal’s “Levels”. Directed by Flying Lotus, this video is…trippy, to say the least. In the beginning, it reminded me of an old Earth, Wind & Fire video with the space visuals, but it definitely turned into it’s own thing by the end. “Levels” is the latest single from Bilal’s decade-in-the-making (and totally worth the wait) album Airtight’s Revenge-this Grammy-nominated masterpiece should absolutely be in your collection. Prepare to have your mind blown without the use of any pharmaceuticals.

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