This might be the YouTube find to end all YouTube finds. A documentary that aired on BBC TV in 1981, starring the one and only Stevie Wonder-only the greatest living songwriter of modern times.

It’s 55 minutes well spent-you get to see Stevie the technological innovator, Stevie the comedian, Stevie the flirt, Stevie the politician, Stevie the orator (watch as he touchingly announces John Lennon’s murder to the audience at a show-it’s heartbreaking) and of course, Stevie the musician. This film is a testament to the man’s greatness. I don’t want to shit on artists today-but who is there nowadays that can say they acted as a catalyst for social change? If it wasn’t for Stevie, along with Jesse Jackson and others, who knows how long it would’ve taken for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday to be recognized as a national holiday.

Was that Gil-Scott Heron on stage with him? Do you know how much money I would’ve paid to have been in the arena when that was being filmed?

This is so worth your time…caught wind of this via ?uestlove’s Twitter…great stuff.

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