I can’t remember being as excited for a Jamiroquai album as I am for their upcoming Rock Dust Light Star. Does this album even have a U.S. release date yet? Well, why not? It’s not like there’s so much stuff coming out right now that it would get buried, right? Hell, given the dearth of new releases and Jamiroquai’s lengthy absence from the music scene, releasing the album in the U.S. now might give them the highest chart ranking of their career.

Since I’m just some dude with a blog and I doubt Jamiroquai’s management or record company is reading this, I know my request will fall on deaf ears, so I’ll just be patient and give you the video for the venerable British band’s new single, “Lifeline”. It’s a fun road based clip that’s probably the best representation yet of Jason Kay as a human being and not some goofy Brit with funny-ass hats. If you like that sort of thing, there’s also a gratuitous butt shot in the video. Cheap thrills, I tell ya.

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