Hey folks…allow me to introduce you to the latest Popblerd! staffer.Actually, let’s allow him to introduce himself. Jesse’s decided to list a couple of his favorite records to give you all an idea of where he comes from musically and also to show off how eclectic he is. What a snob, right? (I’m kidding, of course…anyone who loves Weird Al can’t possibly be a snob.)

Musically, this is me in a nutshell. Since I’ll be sharing my thoughts and opinions on the subject with y’all, I felt you needed to know where I’d be coming from.


Kyuss: Blues for the Red Sun
The be all end all of my musical existence. I was in the habit of buying an album after hearing only one song back in the day. I saw the video for “Green Machine” on Headbanger’s Ball and I had to have this record. This was unlike anything I had ever heard before. Still is. From the opening sludge of “Thumb” I was hooked. The time changes were all over the place and the fact that Josh Homme was so young brings out feelings of complete awe and jealousy. I mean, what the hell was I doing in my late teens/early 20’s. College. And look what that got me 🙂

Ministry: The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste
I first heard “Thieves” on the Freejack soundtrack and I fell in love. I bought the whole album after that and have been a fan ever since. “Thieves” sold it, “Burning Inside” sealed the deal. There are so many good songs on it. From the droning, hypnotic insanity of Chris Connelly on “Cannibal Song” to the anthemic “So What”, Mind is an industrial metal essential.

Wall of Voodoo: Call of the West
I cannot explain how much I love this album. I had the 45 of “Mexican Radio” when I was growing up and got this album on cassette through Columbia House, I think. Somewhere along the way I rediscovered it and I love it to this day. Stan Ridgway is a GOD. From his monotone delivery on my favorite “Factory” to his all-over-the-place wild west sneer on the title track, he proved that he could do it all. I listen to this one at least once a month all the way through.

Will Haven: Carpe Diem
This album defines heaviness to me in a way that no one will ever be able to understand. Grady Avenell sounds like a monster and the riffs that are created within just pummel me to no end. “Finest Hour” is still one of my favorite songs. The build up, the payoff, the fade out. It’s one of the best metal songs ever laid down and this is one of the best heavy records. Ever.

Weird Al Yankovic: S/T
I rediscovered this one recently and it still holds up 20 (!) years later (um, more like 30??-ed.). “Another One Rides the Bus” is a staple lately and the rest of the album is just good fun. “I’ll Be Mellow When I’m Dead” and “Mr. Frump in the Iron Lung” to close out the album is just killer. “Gotta Boogie” was definitely the first song of his to make me laugh out loud.

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