If I’d compiled a list of my favorite singles of 2010, The Script’s “Breakeven” would have easily finished Top 10, maybe Top 5. It’s entirely possible that people in my neighborhood unfortunate enough to leave their windows open are tired of me walking down the street squealing “I’m falling to peeeeeeeeee-ces” in a strained falsetto. The rest of the Irish band’s American debut album didn’t totally live up to the promise of that one song, but it was still a fairly solid listen and it managed to whet my appetite for The Script’s sophomore release, Science & Faith.  The album’s actually already been released overseas, but it’s American release has been held back until the spring so as to ensure for the best possible setup. Science‘s first single is called “Walk Away”, and while it doesn’t give me the same singalong fever as “Breakeven” did, it’s still a pretty solid pop/rock joint with a pronounced hip-hop influence. It’s got kind of an epic Coldplay-esque sound, and the fact that they managed to squeeze B.o.B. in there-and it sounds totally natural-is a plus. Makes me even more excited to hear the full album. Residents of Boston, you’ve been warned.

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