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Metal Monday Volume 47 (12.5.11)

Metal Monday Volume 47 (12.5.11)

The second half of Jesse’s Top 11 metal albums of 2011 is in. Will Haven has one of the albums featured–see what else made the cut.

Metal Monday Volume 39 (10.10.11)

In Jesseworld, no band  compares with Will Haven . They’re this weird mix of hardcore and sludge with this air of evil floating above that sounds like nobody else. If you’ve never heard them then you’re missing out. When they disbanded shortly after the release of 2001’s Carpe Diem, I was heartbroken. They announced a return in 2005 which was promising until vocalist Grady Avenell dropped out of the mix resulting in their fourth album, The Hierophant, being recorded with a different […]

Metal Monday Extra: Will Haven Post 2nd Voir Dire Preview!

Just for the record, Will Haven could make a video that centers on a stationary drawing of stick figures and I’d still be captivated for however long the song lasted. The set up: Tombstones, some girl mourning, a dead body, maybe some foul play? The soundtrack for this piece of morbidity is of course provided by Will Haven. Who does dark and foreboding better than them after all? A choir opens “Held To Answer”, the lead song off of October’s […]

Metal Monday Volume 28 (7.25.11)

I told you it was gonna happen and it did. Less than 24 hours after last week’s 2nd half of 2011 preview post went up, the almighty Will Haven bestowed upon the masses a brand new song in the form of “Mida’s Secret”. This is important for three main reasons: It’s the first taste from Voir Dire (Due October 11), It’s their first new song in almost 4 years, and most importantly, it’s the first new studio music that original singer Grady Avenell has sung on in almost […]

Metal Monday Volume 27 (7.18.11)

In moving forward from the recent Top 10 so far list on the Blerd last week, I give you my “Top 5 metal albums guaranteed to kick your ass during the next 6 months without hearing a note”. Catchy title, right? 1. Will Haven: Voire Dire> The first album that vocalist Grady Avenell has sung on since 2001’s Carpe Diem (And one of my Top 5 albums of all time). When Will Haven reformed a few years ago, I was […]

New Writer Alert!: Jesse Presents: “Music According to Me”

Hey folks…allow me to introduce you to the latest Popblerd! staffer.Actually, let’s allow him to introduce himself. Jesse’s decided to list a couple of his favorite records to give you all an idea of where he comes from musically and also to show off how eclectic he is. What a snob, right? (I’m kidding, of course…anyone who loves Weird Al can’t possibly be a snob.) Musically, this is me in a nutshell. Since I’ll be sharing my thoughts and opinions […]