Who’s the only dude in the NBA with a platinum album? Shaq, of course. So in commemoration of the beginning of what promises to be a ridiculously exciting basketball season, it’s only right that I take it back to the birth of Shaq-Fu, courtesy of the Fu-Schnickens’ “What’s Up Doc?”

This Top 40 hit briefly gave both the Fu-Schnickens and Shaq a moment in the spotlight. The Schnickens were riding high off of a Gold album and the near constant amazement of hip-hop heads due to their ability to spit at breakneck speeds (and backwards to boot), but if you ask anyone who’s not a hardcore hip-hop head, chances are that this is the only song they remember. Meanwhile, Shaq parlayed his guest appearance here into an album deal with Jive records. His first album for the label, “Shaq Diesel”, went Platinum (yes, a million of you at one point had a Shaquille O’ Neal record in your collection. Be embarrassed). He went on to release three more albums, getting assists from the brightest lights in hip-hop, from Erick Sermon to Wu-Tang Clan to the Notorious B.I.G. Shaq even got to rhyme on a Michael Jackson record (1995’s “2 Bad”).

These days, Shaq spends his time chilling as the backup center for the Boston Celtics, coining ridiculous nicknames like the Big Shamrock, and smashing reality TV chicks like Hoopz from “Flavor of Love”. His nemesis Kobe may have passed him when it comes to championship rings (and it’s very possible that they will have to go through one another for this season’s championship), but it’s unlikely that Mr. Bryant is ever gonna be able to say that he has Gold and Platinum on his wall.

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