Midterm elections are coming up in less than a week, and yes, there are more important and urgent things that need to be addressed in society, but one thing that’s going to need to be addressed at some point is marijuana reform. Why is pot illegal again? Or rather, why is pot illegal yet alcohol and cigarettes are perfectly legal?

Someone else asking that question is rapper Asher Roth. The name is kinda silly, but the message of Bongress is clear. Regulate, tax and control cannabis in much the same manner as cigarettes and alcohol. The government could use the money, people would stop getting arrested and/or thrown in jail for pot consumption and distribution, it serves as a natural pain reliever and can be used industrially for any variety of essentials and lifestyle items. Can’t really ask for more than that.

Check out the Bongress website, register to vote if you haven’t already (regardless of who and what you support, you should absolutely be registered to vote. Apathy gets you nowhere), and if you’re interested, you can pick up one of the cool (if a little pricey) T-shirts the site has for sale.

Legalize it!! AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, no matter the issue and no matter where you live, GET YOUR ASS OUT AND VOTE!!!

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