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Blerd Radio 2013 Episode 9: Playoff Action; It's FANtastic!

Blerd Radio 2013 Episode 9: Playoff Action; It’s FANtastic!

C’mon Rihanna, don’t fuck the playoffs up for us.

Roundball Soundoff 11/13/12: Around The League With Jay

Roundball Soundoff 11/13/12: Around The League With Jay

Will Phil and Kobe be reunited? All this and more in the latest Roundball Soundoff column, giving you the rundown of all that’s happening in the NBA!

Roundball Soundoff - The Lyin' King

Roundball Soundoff – The Lyin’ King

My name ain’t Jay , but I hope I can sound off on hoops as good as my man can. Being tied 2-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals is a good spot to be in when you’re coming home to play game five. But if you lose game five and have to play the elimination game on the road, it’s nearly disastrous. That’s how quickly things can change in the NBA playoffs. Not even the good job, good effort kid can […]

Roundball Soundoff: Playoff Action-It's Fantastic!!

Roundball Soundoff: Playoff Action-It’s Fantastic!!

Rajon Rondo has been instrumental in leading his Celtics to the second round of the NBA playoffs. Find out who else is cooking as we get into the conference semifinals.

Roundball Soundoff's Playoff Preview

Roundball Soundoff’s Playoff Preview

Our friends from the New York Knicks podcast break down the NBA playoff scenario. Have a look to see who the guys think will be hoisting a championship trophy come June.

Roundball Soundoff: Midseason Report Card (Part One)

Roundball Soundoff: Midseason Report Card (Part One)

The Bulls are in 2nd place in the East, even having missed D. Rose for a stretch. Check out Jay’s midseason report card for the entire Eastern Conference.

Roundball Soundoff: How Does The Eastern Conference Look So Far?

Roundball Soundoff: How Does The Eastern Conference Look So Far?

Based on the Miami Heat’s start, it looks like there’ll be a LOT of celebrating this year. But will LeBron and co. be celebrating in June?

Roundball Soundoff Returns!! (Even If There's No Season)

Roundball Soundoff Returns!! (Even If There’s No Season)

Roundball Soundoff is back, but not happy. Find out why in our latest installment…

Roundball Soundoff Extra: Jay’s Season in Review, Part Two

Did you miss Part One ? The What Could Have Beens: A number of teams were derailed by injuries. Golden State Warriors – Couldn’t help but think that with a healthy David Lee and Andris Biedrins they would have at least been within striking distance of the 8th seed.  Lee wasn’t the same after Wilson Chandler went all True Blood on him . Cleveland Cavaliers – We knew after LeBron left they would be bad.  But this was still a team that won over 120 games the last 2 seasons.  […]

Roundball Soundoff 5/9/11: Bye-Bye to La-La Land & Perhaps the Windy City; Hello Memphis & Atlanta?

* The Lakers were swept. The Lakers were swept by the Dallas Mavericks. Dirk Nowitzki and the infamously choking Dallas Mavericks. C’mon, if you say you saw this one coming, you’re either lying, or you’re far more of a basketball genius than me and most other b-ball fanatics, because I don’t know anyone who predicted such an outcome. I’m still in shock. The Mavs not only swept the Lakers, they completely embarrassed them in the fourth game. It’s just too […]

Roundball Soundoff 4/25/11: Playoff Ponderings

Well, the Boston Celtics are the first team to advance to the second round, sweeping the New York Knicks. This series was closer than what the broom indicates. Even so, many people are calling for a new coach in New York, and I can’t say I blame them. D’Antoni’s offense-only approach, in my opinion, will never make a title contender. Some people are also saying the Melo move wasn’t good, but I think an Amare/Melo combo will only get better […]

Roundball Soundoff Extra: Jay’s Playoff Preview

Earlier this week, Khendra posted her NBA playoff picks and showed amazing foresight by picking the exact ranking for the Western Conference teams when the final ranking was still very much in flux (should we give her Tommy Points?). Anyway, Jay wanted in on the action and decided to post his own playoff predictions. Since the first series begins this afternoon, we decided to post Roundball Soundoff two days early this week. Let’s see what Jay has to say! Eastern Conference First […]