It feels like B.O.B.’s “Airplanes” has been out forever, so I was somewhat surprised that a video hasn’t surfaced until last week (or maybe I’m horrendously late to the party). Unfortunately, the video made was for not for the Eminem-assisted remix version, but for the original version. I mean, not saying that Bobby Ray and Hayley Williams don’t do a good job on their own, but Em sends the song into another dimension. There’s a difference between A- and A+, yanno. Hayley also appears to be morphing into quite the attractive woman. For her sake, I hope she keeps it classy and doesn’t totally slut it up. This song has actually given me an appreciation for Paramore that I didn’t have before, and I’d hate to see her sell her talent short by trading in on her body. Anyway, there’s no way in hell the clip could match the intensity of the song, but it’s still a pretty good video. Enjoy.

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