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Popblerd's New Release Report 4/8/13

Popblerd’s New Release Report 4/8/13

Another Tuesday, another bunch of great new releases!

Paramore Gets Their Sci-Fi On With "Now" Video

Paramore Gets Their Sci-Fi On With “Now” Video

Seems like it’s been an eternity since Paramore released anything. A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that the release date of their last album was 2009. So, yeah…an eternity. And Paramore doesn’t seem like one of those bands that can successfully return from a four-year layoff (translation: their fans are still likely maturing in musical taste and in all likelihood are listening to something else now.) Nevertheless, Hayley Williams and her rotating cast of sidemen have returned with a self-titled […]

B.O.B’s “Airplanes” Video. Where’s Marshall?

It feels like B.O.B.’s “Airplanes” has been out forever, so I was somewhat surprised that a video hasn’t surfaced until last week (or maybe I’m horrendously late to the party). Unfortunately, the video made was for not for the Eminem-assisted remix version, but for the original version. I mean, not saying that Bobby Ray and Hayley Williams don’t do a good job on their own, but Em sends the song into another dimension. There’s a difference between A- and A+, […]

Popblerd (Sort of) LiveBlogs the 10th Annual BET Awards

Sometimes it pays to have other plans. The 10th Annual BET Award ceremony is tonight. Now, normally, I live blog these things so I can share in the shocks and horrors along with everyone else. This time, I had to work (yes, on a Sunday night. I know, right?), so watching the show live isn’t an option. Thank God for DVR. Now I can still deliver snark, but I can speed through the show in half the time! The BET […]

The Intriguing "Adventures of Bobby Ray"

I think we’ve finally come to the point where mainstream hip-hop has become so insufferable that fans are willing to anoint anyone who goes even slightly off the beaten path as the next big thing. Atlanta rapper/singer/instrumentalist B.O.B. is the latest recipient of those next big thing conversations, and while his debut effort “The Adventures of Bobby Ray”, doesn’t totally live up to the hype, it’s certainly the most noteworthy hip-hop album of 2010 so far, and rivals last year’s […]

New Release Report 4/27/10: Who the Hell is B.O.B.?

And now I’m squooshing two column titles into one. I’m so crafty, I tell ya. So this guy B.O.B., right? He’s signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle record label, but his music is pretty un-T.I.-like. His debut single, “Nothin’ on You”, is currently the #1 pop record in the country. They’re definitely working the “not your average rapper” angle with this dude. His second single, “Airplanes”, features Hayley Williams of Evanescence Paramore. He plays guitar and piano. Looking on allmusic for […]