Hey Peeps,

You guys should definitely be checking out popdose.com. This week, they will be running my guide to the music made by The King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. I will be talking about the entire J5/Jacksons/MJ discography. The first part takes a look at the material the Jackson 5 recorded for Motown from 1969-1975. As it turns out, the J5 albums were (generally speaking) a lot better than initially given credit for. Motown’s staff writers and producers (a team that featured heavy involvement by Motown founder and president Berry Gordy) definitely gave some serious TLC to the Jackson 5. They were able to make the transition from being a bubblegum kiddie act to…well, a slightly less bubblegum teen-funk act with relative ease.

Check out the first part of the guide here.

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