Welcome to the working week, dear readers. Having officially recovered from Record Store Day (well, I personally have recovered. My debit card hasn’t), I am awake and ready to face another Monday.

The NBA playoffs are already underway. While I, like most sane basketball fans, fully expects a Lakers/Cavs final, there’s always interesting stuff happening before the big dance. The big news so far is that Celtics forward/extraterrestrial Kevin Garnett has been suspended for Game 2 in their series against the Miami Heat after throwing ‘bows (Luda!!) at Miami’s Quentin Richardson. I was watching the game, and there was no good excuse for KG to go off like that. It looked like Q-Rich was just walking over to check on Paul Pierce, who appeared to have been hurt on the previous play, and KG just snuffed him. While I generally like Garnett (ANYTHING IS POSSIBLLLLLLLLLLLE!!), that was a low-class move. There’s a difference between intensity and stupidity.

The Academy of Country Music Awards were last night, and Lady Antebellum were the big winners, picking up five awards. Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert were also multiple winners. Taylor Swift, somewhat surprisingly got shut out-I can already smell a backlash brewing. I’m curious to hear Lady A’s entire album-“Need You Now” is such a good song. I didn’t actually watch the show (I enjoy country, but not enough to watch 3 hours of it), but I am sad that I apparently missed Brad Paisley accepting an award soaking wet after being dunked in a pool during his performance. Am I wrong by saying that Brad Paisley gives me a semi?

Anyway, while the ACMs were rolling on last night, I was checking out a band called The Gentlemen’s Bet. The Bet is (are?) a band of seven guys who formed while attending Tufts University. Their music’s a little jazz, a little rock and roll, a little blues, and a lot awesome. This is the third or fourth time I’ve seen these guys play (full disclosure: their keyboard player is a friend of mine, but they’d be dope even if he wasn’t), and they always put on a high energy show. They’ve got a new EP out called “Big Gunpowder Falls”, and it’s available on their MySpace page at the lovely price of Pay Whatever You Feel It’s Worth! So, check these guys out! Here’s some video to give you a little taste.

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