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The Reality Check – Top 20 American Idol Contestants Of All-Time Part 2

The Reality Check – Top 20 American Idol Contestants Of All-Time Part 2

Tiffany and GG finish up their list of the top 20 American Idol contestants of all-time.

The Best Albums of 2012: GG's Fav Fifteen

The Best Albums of 2012: GG’s Fav Fifteen

What albums were on GG’s list of his top 15 favorite albums of the year?

New Release Report 5/1/12: Prepare To Get "Blown Away"

New Release Report 5/1/12: Prepare To Get “Blown Away”

It’s a busy new release week, featuring albums by Carrie Underwood, Norah Jones, B.o.B. and more!

The Jukebox From Hell 07: “If I Were A Boy”

If you and I are friends – and if we’re not, we probably should be – you’re undoubtedly scratching your head right now, wondering why I’m about to lay into Beyonce. After all, I’ve been a vocal and unabashed fan of Lady B even before she went solo; I’ve got love for Miss Knowles (Mrs. Z?), and I don’t care who knows. She’s one of the finest pop stars of our time, a classy performer with an ear for a […]

One DJ’s Opinion: 15 Horrifying Karaoke Songs

Dear readers, it’s time to come clean. Sure, by day I’m Drew, prolific album reviewer and Popblerd contributor; but at night, I put my DJ cap on, and provide karaoke to the masses with the same mixture of good-natured pomposity, mild music snobbery, and hit-or-miss humor that you see in these pages every day. I used to be a karaoke fiend, searching for the best seedy spots to score applause and compliments, but I’ve moved on to hosting; which, like […]

10 Yard Fight – Shootout!

I think Thursday’s opening night shootout between the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints affirmed three things for us: Because of the lockout, veteran teams that didn’t change head coaches and didn’t have a lot of player turnover are going to do very well this season. The Packers don’t have a Super Bowl hangover and could have one of the best offensive years in recent memory. Red zone offense is where it’s at. The Packers were 4-4 in red […]

The Jukebox From Hell 02: “Before He Cheats”

The relationship of our society to discrimination and oppression is, indeed, one of our nation’s most shameful characteristics; the rich white straight male archetype has kept a firm boot on the chest of every race, sex, and creed known to man ever since our inception. Clearly, this doesn’t work – not just because it’s morally reprehensible, but because it can, in some particularly severe instances, lead to awful songs. Let’s backpedal. No one’s disputing that men constantly demeaning women in […]

Spin Cycle: “This is Country Music” by Brad Paisley

So here’s two things I like about modern country: 1) There’s a greater emphasis placed on lyricism than in any other popular music genre these days. Ever listen to an hour or so of Top 40 radio and cringe at the pure stupidity of the lyrics? If I listened to Top 40 radio, I probably would. Even so, I hear enough modern pop music to wonder when the massive dumbing-down occurred. Listen to the average country hit-that is solid song […]

Chart Stalker 9/8/10: Chart Happenings That Leave Me Disturbed

…not really, but I like the title. Sue me. As one would infer from my attempt to compose a witty headline, hard rock band Disturbed bows atop the Billboard 200 Album chart for the fourth time (out of five albums) with their latest effort, “Asylum”. 179,000 folks decided to purchase the latest effort by the Chicago band. It’s one of two albums in six figures this week, with the #2 album being the 35th installment of the “Now That’s What […]

Monday Morning Musings: KG, The ACMs & The Gentlemen's Bet

Welcome to the working week, dear readers. Having officially recovered from Record Store Day (well, I personally have recovered. My debit card hasn’t), I am awake and ready to face another Monday. The NBA playoffs are already underway. While I, like most sane basketball fans, fully expects a Lakers/Cavs final, there’s always interesting stuff happening before the big dance. The big news so far is that Celtics forward/extraterrestrial Kevin Garnett has been suspended for Game 2 in their series against […]