As much as I sometimes try to forget the existence of this day, I’ve already been hit with several reminders that it’s Valentine’s Day in the past hour alone (and it’s only 9:20 in the morning). So I figured that instead of being a scrooge, I’d share some of my favorite love songs with you. These are songs that perfectly explained things that I’ve felt at times that I was in love (as opposed to just wicked horny), and songs that give me hope that it can happen again. Enjoy, and I hope that you are fortunate enough to have someone to spend the day with. Don’t take that or them for granted.

No Valentine’s Day mix would be complete without some Sade. This song is a perfect declaration of true love…and it’s wicked sexy besides.

Let’s go back even further-stopping in 1980 for a song that sealed the deal for Afro-ed teenagers everywhere.

Now a song a lot of folks call the Black National Anthem…Johnnie Wilder was a beast vocally. Check out the end of this song.

Paul Simon is an amazing songwriter. The beauty of this song is that it’s sung so simply. No vocal pyrotechnics needed to get the point across.

Here’s the song that inspired me to put together this little piece. The live version is sped up a little too much for my tastes, but it’s still a great song.

I’d be curious to know what inspired this song. “It’s the ones who resist that we most want to kiss, wouldn’t you say?”

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