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My Tumblr Blog...Five Star Jamz

My Tumblr Blog…Five Star Jamz

I’m talking about every single 5-star song in my iTunes library. Take a trip with me!!

Popblerd's Deep Cuts: "The Star of a Story"

Popblerd’s Deep Cuts: “The Star of a Story”

There’s always that one song on an album that doesn’t get its just due. This column is devoted to those songs.

Blerd Radio Episode 9: …But Seriously

For Blerd Radio’s 9th episode, I’m joined for the second consecutive show by Grampaw Jimmy . We’re also joined by my friend P. Dizzle, who decided to call in from the Left Coast and drop a little science on our asses. The first half of the show takes a serious tone, as we discuss the recent spate of bullying/homophobia-related suicides that have taken place. We discuss the bullying that’s taken place in our own lives, and the two people on the podcast […]

Blerd Appreciation: TVOne’s “Unsung”

Everyone has a story, they say. It seems that some of the more interesting life stories are those of celebrities. Actually, that’s not true-I know some regular people whose life stories would knock your socks off. So it’s probably better to say that celebrities have the forum by which they can have their stories told. It would be very easy to call the TVOne Network’s series “Unsung” an R&B version of VH-1’s “Behind the Music”. Truthfully, it kind of *is*. […]

The Disco 100: Numbers 100-91

It’s been almost a week since I posted my preamble to the Disco 100 . Now I’m ready to get into the actual 100 songs that I think are the best the disco genre had to offer. As I mentioned previously, these are the songs that I think had the best combination of vocal and instrumental prowess, memorable melodies, and sheer ability to make your ass move involuntarily. The disco era will also be the focus of today’s MisenPOPic Radio broadcast, so make sure […]

The Disco 100 Part 1: Below the Funk

On the MisenPOPic Radio podcast yesterday, my buddy Mikey chatted some about his affinity for lists, some of which he has already put up on his own website . I’m a list guy as well, although maybe not to the extent he is. One of the lists he put up on his site was the 100 best disco songs of all time, and I have to admit: I saw “Disco Duck” on that list and I subconsciously felt like I was being […]

The Valentine's Day Mix

As much as I sometimes try to forget the existence of this day, I’ve already been hit with several reminders that it’s Valentine’s Day in the past hour alone (and it’s only 9:20 in the morning). So I figured that instead of being a scrooge, I’d share some of my favorite love songs with you. These are songs that perfectly explained things that I’ve felt at times that I was in love (as opposed to just wicked horny), and songs […]