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bLISTerd: The 100 Best Albums of the '00s (50-41)

bLISTerd: The 100 Best Albums of the ’00s (50-41)

Our list of the ’00s best albums is in it’s second half. Find out where Jurassic 5 placed on the list!

bLISTerd: The 100 Best Albums Of The '00s (100-91)

bLISTerd: The 100 Best Albums Of The ’00s (100-91)

We’re in 2012. Is it too early for ‘00s nostalgia? Oh, the first decade of the new millennium. The decade we were introduced to the iPod, the smart phone, texting and all sorts of technological advances that have made us incredibly lazy beings. We decided to start voting for our pop stars on TV, Janet Jackson torpedoed her career by showing us a nipple, and Mariah Carey went crazy and then made a comeback (but she’s still crazy). Oh, and […]

bLISTerd: The 100 Best Albums of the ’90s (40-31)

The Beastie Boys appear twice in our latest installment of the Best Albums of the Nineties. Who else figures into the list?

New Release Report 5/4/10: Nineties Redux & An Indie Rock Extravaganza!

I knew which titles I wanted to spotlight today, then I took a look at the list of this week’s releases and realized that there’s, like, 3 million albums coming out today. Then my head exploded. Fortunately, a crack team of scientists was able to locate the part of my brain that retains musical knowledge and typing skills, and I am miraculously able to type up this column for you today. Let’s start with what’s a huge day in the […]

2010 Bonnaroo Lineup Announced

While I’ve been to my share of outdoor concerts, I’ve never been to a multi-day concert festival before. After looking at the lineup for the 2010 Bonnaroo music festival, that just might change. Rolling Stone’s website published an article today listing the confirmed artists, and there are some very cool names on the list. So far, the biggest names are Jay-Z, Dave Matthews Band, Kings of Leon and Stevie Wonder. I’m probably due to check Jigga out in a live setting, and from […]