Might we be on the verge of yet another Glitter-esque Mariah Carey flip-out?

It’s pretty safe to say that her career is on a bit of a downswing. Sales of her last two albums, E=MC2 and Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, have not been fantastic, nor have they been especially good from a qualitative standpoint. Her upcoming 12th studio album (of new material) has seen release dates come and go for almost two years (it’s now scheduled for May.) Her stint as an “American Idol” judge got more attention for the frequent catfights with fellow judge Nicki Minaj (whose career is in similar freefall) than for the constructive criticism she gave the singers. Even more recently, Mimi’s given some offbeat television and radio interviews.

Perhaps most disturbingly, Mariah appears to have officially lost her musical mojo, as evidenced by her new single, “You’re Mine (Eternal)”. The song is a pale rip-off of her comeback jam “We Belong Together,” and the video finds forty-three year old Mariah looking a little desperate to keep up with the young-uns.

It seems that commercially-minded artists are always in danger of falling off as soon as they age, as they concentrate less on making great art and more on staying hip and selling records at the volume they used to. It’s happened (to varying degrees) to everyone from Michael and Madonna to Janet. Mariah, who hasn’t made an absolutely fantastic album in a decade, if not two, and this song and video certainly doesn’t bode well for her upcoming effort. If it ever really comes out.

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