Big Brother finale

I apologize for missing last week during our host migration from hell. But we’re back for the finale.

When We Last Left You

While we were away, Judd and McCray were eliminated and it’s down to the final three. Trying for that season 15 crown are the always-on-the-block Spencer, sassy Gina Marie, and cry baby Andy. Wow, what a failure of a final three. All of the strong players are gone. Andy floated on by. GM let Aaryn do much of the dirty work. And Spencer was put up as a pawn so many times it was ridiculous. Maybe Spencer deserves it the most. But I have a feeling Gina Marie is the least disrespected and could win.

Let’s just be happy that Amanda’s boobs is gone.

Final HOH – Part 1

The crew has to grab hold of a line while on roller skates, going around in circles. When they let go of the line, they’re out. Gina Marie has definitely been on roller skates before. Spencer has not. He bailed first.

After bubbles were spilled onto the rink, Andy bailed and GM won the competition. She goes to the HOH finals.

Final HOH – Part 2

Part two is pretty convoluted. There’s a crab theme. They both have to find faces in the sand and climb the wall to place them in order of elimination. Andy said he feels like the Little Mermaid. And he meant that happily. Andy finished, but made a mistake, mixing up Aaryn and Helen’s elimination.

Spencer had trouble getting up the wall, but he got it right on one try.

Andy’s time was 21:54. Spencer’s time was 36:11.

So it’s Andy vs. Gina Marie in the finals for the HOH. No matter what, whoever wins probably takes Spencer anyway.

Andy tries to convince GM that he’d take her if he wins so that she thinks about taking him. GM has a hard time deciding who she’s going to take.

Dr. Will Grills The Jury

The only thing that came out of Dr. Will’s grilling is that everyone still despises Amanda. Aaryn and Candice seemed to be much more friendly since being in the jury. They poured salt on Andy’s floater game. They said Gina’s personality was pretty blunt. And Spencer never got any blood on his hands.

Final HOH – Part 3

The final HOH is about how well each knows the jury.

Andy got five right and GM only got four right. Andy wins and gets to choose who he’s going to the finals with.

Final Eviction

Andy voted to eliminate Spencer as he said he gave GM his word on day one. This one could be a barn burner, but I have a feeling now that Andy wins. He’s the much better speaker. GM has marbles in her mouth.

Jury Time

Amanda asks GM what her biggest game move was after getting Amanda out.
GM says putting her and McCrae up was her biggest game move.

Elissa asks Andy what his biggest game move was before being part of the Exterminators.
Andy says it was being part of the McCrae and Amanda alliance and playing both sides.

Helen asks GM what the biggest obstacle she had to overcome in the game.
GM says having Nick leave.

McCrae asks since he stabbed everyone in the back, why should anyone vote for him.
Andy says he did it for CYA purposes.

Candice asks GM why they should give her the money.
GM says she was shocked when Nick left and she can only be the best person she can be.

Andy asks Andy why he lied to so many jurors.
He says it was because he’s a coward.

Spencer says he just costed him a whole lot of money and why should he give Andy his vote.
Andy says he was loyal to GM to keep his word.

The Votes Are Cast

Gina Marie bumbled through her speech. It was pretty pathetic. Andy has to win this hands down.

Andy makes a great point that every alliance he was in was the strongest alliance in the house. He may win in a shutout.

The votes have been cast and it looks like GM will get at least one vote from Aaryn but that’s it.

Julie tells Amanda that the MVP was America. Howard says he was surprised by the severity of the racist comments. Jeremy says that Helen used the mom thing too much and used fake tears. Helen admitted using fake tears from time to time because of how emotional she would get.

And The Winner Is…

Spencer – Andy
McCrae – Andy
Judd – GM
Elissa – Andy
Amanda – Andy
Aaryn – GM
Helen – Andy

Andy is your winner.

And Elissa is America’s favorite house guest. That’s what happens when you have a built-in fanbase thanks to your sis.

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