(What in the blue hell is GinaMarie doing in that photo?)

After last week’s live double eviction in which Judd was backdoored, CBS went off the air without a new HOH. We had to wait for the taped shows to see what happened. And yes, it was the invisible man who won the HOH. Andy finally did something in this game.

Where We Last Left You

Like I mentioned, Andy finally won HOH. It was a competition that was more slight of hand and balance, like a big game of one-on-one labyrinth. McCrae and Amanda’s boobs faced off at one point and when McCrae beat her, she threw a fit and moped. Brother, I done told you many times. Run for the high hills.

Andy outlasted everyone and reacted how you’d expect him to react. He was ecstatic.

Helen tried to talk him into making a big play and putting Amanda’s boobs and McCrae against each other, but Andy wanted to play it safe. He nominated Spencer and Jessie, which was predictable based on who he’s been playing with. Helen tried to talk McCrae into playing against Amanda’s boobs which was a huge mistake and put a big target on her back. But McCrae must’ve been a very good actor because he played along and Helen thought he was thinking about it.

McCrae's danceThe veto competition was about eye balling a large group of items, guessing, and then betting your guess or folding your hand. The group (Amanda’s boobs, Helen, Andy, Elissa and supposedly Spencer) decided that they’d all fold their bets and let Helen be the main guesser. If everyone folded three times, she’d automatically win. Jessie didn’t understand what was going on and continued to fold her hand too, giving Helen the early lead. Spencer then turned heel and decided to go into business for himself thinking that if he didn’t save himself, he could go home. It irritated Amanda big time.

By the way, McCrae was chosen as the host of the veto competition and he decided to do a wacky dance.

Andy won the veto, which created a little winning streak for him. Boringly, he kept the nominations the same even after Jessie tried to talk him into making a big move as well, trying to get him to see he was low on the totem pole with his group.

A Few More Notes Before The Elimination

– Aaryn, Amanda’s boobs, McCrae, and Andy created an alliance that they called 3AM as in 3 A’s and one M.

– Jessie called Helen out for trying to get Amanda’s boobs out of the house, but Helen said she didn’t and tried to backpedal. She was lying through her teeth. Oh Helen, your game was once so strong.

– Andy decided to tell Spencer and Jessie that they’re both going home, but Jessie is the real target. Jessie figured it out and decided to try to stir up people against each other. GinaMarie chased Aaryn around the house after Jessie let GM know that Aaryn talked mess about her.

Live Vote

Amanda’s boobs votes to evict Jessie.
McCrae votes to evict Jessie.
Aaryn votes to evict Jessie.
Helen votes to evict Jessie.
Elissa votes to evict Jessie.
GinaMarie votes to evict Jessie.

Oh Jessie. See you in the jury house.


If racist Aaryn wins again, we riot!

This competition is a bit goofy. It’s like Big Brother Name That Tune. A song is played and the house guests have to decide whether it’s about a HOH, have not, or veto competition. But they have to buzz their answer in before the other house guest does to win.

GM beat Helen.
Spencer beat Elissa.
McCrae beat GM.
Aaryn beat Spencer.
Amanda beat McCrae.
Aaryn beat Amanda.

And racist Aaryn wins again. This house sucks.

Never forget!

Racist Aaryn

Next week, either Candice, Judd, or Jessie will return to the game. Please be Candice. Please be Candice.

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