Amanda's boobsOn Wednesday night’s show, Julie promised a double eviction. And that’s a good thing because we need to start getting rid of some of these players. Also, tonight starts the jury house.

Where We Last Left You

What a weird week this was. Last week, we spoiled the HOH competition for you. GinaMarie who is now called GM by everyone in the house, outlasted McCrae who did more talking than walking. The first three who fell off would have a chance for $5,000. But there was one booby prize. Spencer had to go around the house speaking into a megaphone for the day. Helen won a BBQ, which would cause commotion in the house. And Candice won $5,000.

GM’s first official business was to put Candice and Jessie up on the block. Jessie caused a lot of commotion after Helen decided that she would take Elissa and Aaryn to the BBQ. Jessie said that Aaryn was hated and she didn’t understand it. Amanda’s boobs flipped out on Jessie, mostly because Jessie went to snitch Andy about a possible plan to backdoor Amanda at the last minute last week rather than send Howard packing. Andy didn’t think it was a good idea and thus Jessie didn’t either. But Amanda’s boobs is still holding grudges and called her out.

McCrae was frustrated with his fiance and told her so. They were in the HOH room together and Jessie rolled through and sat next to McCrae. Amanda’s boobs became jealous and asked McCrae to sit with her and he said no because he was comfortable. Amanda’s boobs became super jealous and stormed out of the room. McCrae homey, get out of this relationship now.

He was so frustrated, he looked like this:

McCrae gif

Amanda’s boobs turned up the bitchiness after she was put on the block by America’s vote. She has no idea how anyone could vote her out, even after getting in Jessie’s face about something nonsensical. Then, while playing for the veto, she and Candice got into it and Amanda’s boobs came out of it looking like the biggest a-hole in the history of Big Brother. Well, I guess not as much as Aaryn was a few weeks ago. Judd let Jessie win the veto and Jessie pulled herself off the block, which prompted GM to put Spencer up.

Spencer, Amanda’s boobs, and Candice are on the block, with Candice as GM’s target.

A Few More Notes Before The Elimination

– Amanda’s boobs tried to apologize to Jessie so that Jessie doesn’t send her home.

– Amanda’s boobs has an alliance Judd, Andy, and McCrae, but she doesn’t trust Judd because she feels he is MVP and thus, put her on the block. She’s a kooky one.

– Jessie went to Helen to see if they could all try and get Amanda’s boobs out as a big move.

– Julie tells the crew that the jury will be bigger than usual – 9 people.

– She also tells them it’s double eviction night. Lastly, she says just because you’re part of the jury doesn’t mean you’re part of the game. In true Julie fashion, she doesn’t say what that means.

– Candice rips GM a new one as her final say before the live vote.

Live Vote

McCrae votes to evict Candice.
Aaryn votes to evict Candice.
Helen votes to evict Candice.
Jessie votes to evict Candice.
Elissa votes to evict Candice.
Andy votes to evict Candice.
Judd votes to evict Candice.

Say goodbye to the house Candice, but hello to the jury.


It’s Big Brother High School, which means a trivia contest.

Q: Is the number of airplane seats in the have-not room, more or less than 14?

Elissa got it wrong and she’s eliminated.

Q: In popsicle factory, were there more or less than five different popsicles hanging in the backyard?

Andy and Jessie are eliminated.

Q: In the living room, is the number of black balls in the fire place more or less than 20?

Everyone got it right.

Q: In the veto election competition was the number of votes collected by Kaitlyn, more or less than 23?

Wow! Everyone got it wrong except for Aaryn. She’s the new HOH.

It’s second eviction time! Julie says the MVP twist is over and only two people will be nominated from here on out.

Live Nomination

Not surprisingly at all, Aaryn nominates Jessie and Spencer. Before she decided, Spencer knew that was her plan and told her he was worried about going home. She just told him to play hard for the veto. Ha!

Live Veto

Andy, Judd, Amanda, and Aaryn are playing alongside Spencer and Jessie.

It’s Big Brother shop class in a competition called “Nailed It”. The house guests have to hammer in huge nails correctly into a puzzle.

They decide to try and grab them all at once before putting them in the puzzle. Aaryn wins the power of veto by being a fast little racist.

Surprisingly, she takes Jessie off the block and puts up Judd saying that if she doesn’t do it, she thinks she’s going home. I definitely thought Amanda’s boobs was going up. Didn’t see this one coming at all.

Live Vote

Amanda votes to evict Judd.
McCrae votes to evict Judd.
GinaMarie votes to evict Judd.
Andy votes to evict Judd.
Helen votes to evict Judd.
Elissa votes to evict Judd.
Jessie votes to evict Judd.

Goodbye Judd! Judd is backdoored. I don’t think Judd knows why he was eliminated. But if I were to guess, it would be because of this quote.

Judd FBI

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