a3026178271_2Tallahassee then Austin then back to Tallahassee based Look Mexico (yes, the band that uses Vin Diesel quotes as song titles in case you didn’t already know) have released The Hang Loose Collection, a name your price a.k.a. free for those who are financially challenged EP featuring some of their earliest work as a band.

Originally released as a CD-R companion (limited to 100 or so copies) to So Byzantine (2005) it’s now available via Holy Hell Records’ bandcamp page! This is a great addition to Look Mexico’s already incredible and undeservingly unknown career. This band needs to be given the recognition they deserve. Get to know this band and all their work… enough about that… how about this EP?

Hang Loose… features a live version of “Guys I Need A Helicopter”, which is a staple of their always enjoyable, energetic live shows (I would know having seen them and performed with them.) Also part of The Hang Loose Collection is a remix of “Me And Dad Built Her”, which can also be found on the EP and B-sides compilation, The Crucial Collection (this release coincidentally has all of So Byzantine on it, too!)

The rest of THLC features indie/math rock inspired tracks that, when you think of its original release year (2005), hint at being heavily influenced by The Postal Service, American Football, Death Cab for Cutie, and early Midwestern US emo rock bands. Listening to it you can hear where the band had come from and where they were headed with future releases including my personal favorites This Is Animal Music (2007), Gasp Asp (2008), and their most recent effort Real Americans Spear It (2011).

Please take the time out of your busy day to listen to Look Mexico. You’ll be glad you did and you’ll make their dog happy, too!

Good Music by Good Dudes

Grade: A

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