Elissa cryingIf you’re a fan of revenge, then you’ve been happy with Big Brother of late.

Where We Last Left You

The ultimate floater, Judd won the HOH last week and all of a sudden, he was everyone’s buddy. Amanda’s boobs, who ran the show when McCrae was HOH, tried to get Judd to make a big move, which would’ve been to nominate Howard, who Judd seems to be friends with. In a sense, Amanda’s boobs are right that a big move needs to be made because the tide is shifting in the house, but Judd’s entire game is not pissing anyone off and staying Switzerland. Yes, my man needs a life vest.

But in a sense, Amanda is playing a controlling game, in part because she hasn’t won the HOH, and secondly, probably because she’s simply a controlling person. Just look who she decided to showmance with; the least aggressive person in the house. It’s a smart game if she can get people to do some of the dirty work she doesn’t have to do, but Judd seems to be disagreeing with her, at least from what we can see on the TV.

Instead of making a big move, Judd put up two of the easier targets in the house, racist Aaryn and Kaitlyn. In the midst of it all, Elissa was wondering when she would get her MVP and she was being super fidgety about it. But last week, Julie Chen teased that something would happen to the MVP and that it did.

Instead of Elissa being given the MVP, America voted her in as the third nomination. Now, here’s where I wonder how many people thought they were voting for her as MVP again because while she is definitely on the annoying side, was she that annoying to swing the vote entirely on the other side? To me, it seems impossible.

In the challenge for the veto, Elissa won, but not without penalties. She cannot perform in next week’s veto challenge, so she better hope she’s not nominated again next week. But that wasn’t as bad as Judd who didn’t even win the veto and had solitary confinement. But this solitary confinement was more annoying than usual. About every nine minutes, an alarm went off and Judd had to stop it every time unless he could sleep through it. It was like a snooze for a loud and obnoxious alarm.

Judd made an alliance with Howard, Spencer, Kaitlyn, and GinaMarie. But you know how that went the first time. Moving Company anyone?

Since Elissa won the veto, she took herself off and the fans’ original vote then nominated GinaMarie. So all three mean girls are now on the block. That’s revenge America.

A Few More Notes Before The Elimination

Howard and Candice– Let’s hope Howard and Candice aren’t in long-term relationships back home because there’s some showmancing going on.

– Judd panicked because the consensus was that people wanted to keep Aaryn in and get Kaitlyn out. And thus, he told Andy and Helen about the alliance, but played it off like it wasn’t real to him. JV move bro.

– Aaryn made a deal with Helen that if she stayed in the house she would vote the way the group wanted.

– Elissa wants Aaryn out, but the house thinks that getting Kaitlyn out is the better move. Elissa disagrees, so she tries to get Kaitlyn to raise some hell and it causes the entire house to get in disagreement about what’s going on. Aaryn and Elissa got nuclear.

Live Vote

Amanda votes to evict Kaitlyn.
McCrae votes to evict Kaitlyn.
Helen votes to evict Kaitlyn.
Candice votes to evict Kaitlyn.
Elissa votes to evict Kaitlyn.
Spencer votes to evict Kaitlyn.
Howard votes to evict Kaitlyn.
Andy votes to evict Kaitlyn.
Jessie votes to evict Kaitlyn.

It’s unanimous and Kaitlyn is going home sweet home. Racist Aaryn got zero votes again!

Kaitlyn only hugged GinaMarie. I wonder if GinaMarie cries for three days again.


It’s Big Brother casino night and they’re playing roulette. They have to roll a ball down the aisle and whoever scores the highest amount of points on the roulette wheel. Aaryn scored the highest of 36 on the wheel. She’s the new HOH yet again.

I wonder if Aaryn will hold up her end of the deal? And remember when Elissa won the veto with the provision that she couldn’t play veto next week? Well, you know she’s going up.

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