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AISYSo back in 2010, Peter Gabriel tackled versions of songs by the likes of Bon Iver, Arcade Fire, Regina Spektor and others with the help of his ‘New Blood Orchestra.’  In theory, it sounded like a nifty idea – especially when it was coached by the fact that Gabriel authorized a companion or follow-up piece where those same artists would have an opportunity to return the favor.  Hence the respective titles of Scratch My Back (2010) and now …And I’ll Scratch Yours slated for a September 23rd release.

I say in theory because I love Gabriel’s catalog and his voice but there were too many times on that album where not all of the songs/artists fit into the arrangements Gabriel and the orchestra cooked up.  With a covers album of Gabriel’s tunes – which is a veritable treasure trove of hits – it’s on individual artists to pay proper homage in their own way.

Now, when it comes to selling albums these days, who better to turn to in a contemporary, Grammy-winning setting than Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver for anyone living under a rock).  So…what happens when Vernon covers Gabriel’s ‘Come Talk To Me?’  Well, find out below and tell us what you think.   Is it grand enough?  Does it further the tune any?  Does it do Gabriel justice?  I wanna know what YOU think…

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