Dwight Howard RocketsNBA free agency has started. This won’t necessarily be much of a column as it will be a post that updates the big time comings and goings for the next few days. Obviously, the top prize is Dwight Howard and many a team have him on their radar. Where will DH12 go?

We’ll update this post periodically as more signings happen.

Friday evening

Friday will be our last update.

– It’s official. Per Dwight Howard’s Twitter account, he’s going to sign with the Rockets.

I’ve decided to become a member of the Houston Rockets. I feel its the best place for me and I am excited about joining the Rockets and I’m looking forward to a great season. I want to thank the fans in Los Angeles and wish them the best.

Lakers/Rockets gif

– Jose Calderon signed a four year deal worth $29 million with the Dallas Mavericks.

Via Eddie Sefko

– OJ Mayo will sign a three year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks for $24 million. At least someone wants to play with the Bucks.

Via Sam Amick

Friday afternoon

Andre Iguodala Warriors– And now, the supposed bombshell: Dwight Howard has supposedly chosen the Houston Rockets over the Warriors and the Lakers.

Via Sam Amick

– Matt Barnes will be back with the LA Clippers for three years.

Via Marc Spears

– The Warriors may or may not still be in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes, but they got one of their targets. They traded Richard Jefferson and Andris Biedrins (expiring contracts) to the Utah Jazz and have agreed to four year deal for $48 million with Andre Iguodala.

Via Woj

– Brandon Rush is also gone via the trade of Richard Jefferson and Andris Biedrins to Utah.

Via MT2

– The Warriors also give up their 2014 1st round pick.

Via Woj

Iggy to Steph


I was out the entire day, but things were definitely happening in the NBA world. And no, Dwight hasn’t figured out what he wants to do yet. What’s new?

– Tyreke Evans was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans in a three team deal. Sacramento received Grevis Vasquez and Portland received Robin Lopez.

Also according to Marc Stein:

Sources say that Portland, to complete the trade, will send 2013 second-round pick Jeff Withey to New Orleans, two future second-round picks to Sacramento and also will acquire guard Terrel Harris from New Orleans along with Lopez. The Blazers also will be required to pay the $1,568,999 trade kicker triggered in Lopez’s contract because he’s being dealt.

Via Marc Stein

– Al Jefferson is headed to the Charlotte Bobcats and will supposedly sign a three year, $41 million deal.

Via Marc Stein

– San Antonio will sign Marco Belinelli to a two year deal worth $5.6 million.

Via Ramona Shelburne

– Earl Clark is expected to leave the Los Angeles Lakers for the Cleveland Cavs for two years and $9 million.

Via Brian Windhorst

Wednesday evening

– It sounds like JR Smith is heading back to the Knicks.

Via Woj

I reached out to Jay again for his thoughts on this deal.

So the Knicks made the Bargnani trade to clear up roster space for the 2015 offseason. The thing is signing JR to a 4-year contract means the Knicks might not have enough for another max free agent in 2015. So instead we get 4 more years of 23 foot fadeaways. 4 more years of 35 foot 3-point attempts with 20 seconds left on the shot clock. 4 more years of game winning shots in meaningless games against the Bobcats and disappearing acts against good teams. 4 more years of seeing ‘vamp life’ tweets at 4:30am on a Sunday morning and knowing he’s going to go 3-19 later that day. 4 more years, oh lordy, 4 more years…

Wednesday afternoon

– Manu says he’s back for two years.


Tuesday evening

– The Clippers get better. The Suns probably get better. And the Bucks get closer to the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes. In a three team trade, the Suns get Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler, the Clippers get Jared Dudley and JJ Redick, and the Bucks get two second round picks. The Clippers get immediate outside shooting help.

Via Ramona Shelburne

I’m pretty sure Jared will forgive Blake’s flopping ways when he’s on the other side.

Jared Dudley Blake Griffin

– Kevin Martin has signed a four year deal with the Timberwolves for $28 million.

Via Woj

– Tony Allen will be back with the Memphis Grizzlies for four years and $20 million.

Via Woj

– In a weird twist, the Sacramento Kings offered Andre Iguodala a four year $52 million contract Tuesday night and then pulled the offer off the table. Such a Kings move.

Via Marc Stein

Andre Iguodala

Tuesday afternoon

– David West is close to signing a three year deal for $36 million with the Pacers with the third year likely being a player option.

Via Woj

– Martell Webster! 4 years! $22 million! Washington Wizards!

Via Woj

– The Spurs are in the process of re-upping Tiago Splitter for five years and $45 million.

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– The T-Wolves and Chase Budinger have agreed to a three year deal for $16 million.

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Monday evening

– Chris Paul’s extension with the Clippers is said to be for $107 million and five years. He can’t officially sign the deal until July 10. It’s great to a premier player in the league.

Via Ramona Shelburne

– Mike Dunleavy chose the Bulls out of his suitors and has verbally agreed to a two year deal for $6 million.

Via Marc Stein

– What does this photo of Stephen Curry and Dwight Howard working out together mean? Probably nothing, but it’s still fun to post.

Stephen and Dwight

– It looks like Andray Blatche is going to resign with the Nets for one year for $1.4 million.

Via Howard Beck and Peter Vecsey

Monday afternoon

– Chris Paul is the source and based on what he tweeted, it looks like he’s staying with the Clippers. Paul was one of the two highly sought out blockbuster free agents along with Dwight Howard. With Doc Rivers in the mix, the thought was that he was sticking around in LA, and if we can trust his Twitter account, that’s happening.


Late Sunday evening

– The Raptors are dealing former overall number one pick, Andrea Bargnani to the New York Knicks for a 2016 first round pick, Marcus Camby, Steve Novak, and future second round picks.

Via Woj

Our own Jay, one of the biggest Knicks fans in the world, had this to say:

Any time you gave the chance to get an oft injured, no defense playing, couldn’t crack the rotation in Toronto, terrible contract big man you have to do it. Just make sure you throw in at least 3 picks for the guy the Raptors were trying to give away 4 months ago.


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