American Head Charge - Shoot - Cover ArtShoot has been a long time coming and while I’d rather have a full length in my hands right now instead of an EP, I’ll take whatever I can get when it comes to new material from American Head Charge. Over eight years since The Feeding and six since Can’t Stop The Machine, if Shoot proves anything it’s that absence makes the heart grow fonder and that like a fine wine some things only get better with age.

Is this the same band that released The War Of Art amidst the nu-metal explosion in 2001? Hells no! This is an older, wiser, and more focused AHC and the five songs presented on Shoot are the undeniable proof of that statement. Honestly, If you weren’t a fan of American Head Charge’s comeback single “Sugars Of Someday” released last year then the rest of Shoot probably won’t do much for you. More in tune with Trepanation in terms of the sheer rawness held within, Shoot is a back-to-basics monster that still has their trademark sound and unbridled fury firmly intact.

Vocalist Cameron Heacock puts on a subtle performance sticking with clean vocals mostly during creepy piano-driven opener “Writhe” but when he lets loose, boy, you better watch out! The volume and intensity goes up during “Set Yourself On Fire” led by Chad Hanks’ uncanny bass stylings making this one the most classic sounding of the new songs. In addition to “Sugars…” and “Sand” is the cover of Patti Smith’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll N*gger” which, if you already know AHC’s penchant for unique covers, is instantly something worth paying attention to.

Shoot is out on July 23rd and available for pre-order here.

Grade: A

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