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13 - Filter - The Sun Comes Out Tonight  Album ArtFilter is back with a vengeance on The Sun Comes Out Tonight, the band’s sixth album. Richard Patrick and his newest partner-in-crime Johnny Radtke (Formerly of Kill Hannah) have concocted an incredibly solid release that moves the band forward but has its roots firmly planted in Short Bus/Title Of Record territory with some hints of The Amalgamut thrown in for good measure.

“We Hate It When You Get What You Want” is the way to start an album. It immediately says “Filter is back, baby!” and when Patrick screams “Sit yourself down/Sit yourself down motherfucker” one thing is for sure: You. Will. Obey. From there, the hits keep coming as first “official” single “What Do You Say” follows and continues the trend of slamming industrial rawk.

Breaking up the headbanging slightly is the beautiful synth driven “Surprise” until the Radtke led shredfest “Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight” brings back the volume and intensity. That’s some of the magic that makes TSCOT so special actually, because every time the sensitive side of Filter rears its head you have an onslaught of rockers like “It’s Got To Be Right Now” or “This Finger’s For You” reminding listeners that Filter never play it safe no matter how many radio-friendly songs might be in their catalog. As far as “radio-friendly” goes, no song on TSCOT screams “Play me in a commercial/prom/club!” more than “First You Break It” which is easily a successor to the crown previously held by “Take A Picture”.

While Radtke might be the one who sparked the old school resurgence with new school flair, mastermind Richard Patrick is still the be all/end all when it comes to Filter. Whether he’s whispering sweet nothings in a sweet falsetto during the glorious “It’s My Time” or just going for the throat at the opening to “Self Inflicted”, Patrick proves he’s the undisputed commander-in-chief in Filterland. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Sun Comes Out Tonight is out on June 4th through Wind-up Records. Pre-order packages are up here.

Grade: A+



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