TrentTrent Reznor has a dirty little secret…he’s been working on a new Nine Inch Nails record. Actually, he’s completed a new Nine Inch Nails record. AND HE DIDN’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT UNTIL IT WAS DONE!! Trent, who has focused on his How to Destroy Angels side project lately (in addition to, you know, winning Oscars for his soundtrack work,) says “For the last year, I’ve been secretly working non-stop with Atticus Ross and Alan Moulder on a new, full-length Nine Inch Nails record, which I am happy to say is finished and frankly fucking great.” I’m a NIN fan, and I liked The Social Network soundtrack (the jury’s still out on How To Destroy Angels, as I have yet to take the plastic off of their latest CD.) The inclusion of Ross and Moulder promises a more sedate, ambient affair–which is cool, because teenage angst kinda gets weird when you’re rich and in your forties, yanno?

Speaking of artists who have been away for a minute, Kings of Leon are back. Last time we checked in with the Followill camp, birds were shittin’ on them, folks were getting drunk, and it looked like things were gonna get real, real, REAL for the Grammy winning quartet. However, bassist Jared Followill says that the band is wrapping up their sixth project, and that it will likely be out in September. A Rolling Stone piece on the album quotes Jared calling the record “youthful-sounding,” which conjures up all kinds of bad things in my head (DUBSTEP?!??!?!) but I’m also pretty confident that the Kings will put out a solid and hopefully not-the-least-bit trendy album. Their track record is pretty good so far, even if they’ve kinda become whipping boys. I might be in the minority, but I thought Come Around Sundown was pretty damn good.

In our last bit of upcoming releases Big Money is creaming himself over news, Elvis Costello and the Roots have announced a September 7th release date for their collaboration, Wise Up Ghost. This unlikely meeting of brilliance was conceived during one of Elvis’s appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (for which The Roots appear as the house band) and although I haven’t the slightest idea of what this meld will sound like, there’s NO way this could be bad. Right? Like, NO FUCKING WAY.

So, there you go. About $30 already spent on my end. How about you?

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