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300254_617732074923058_485608472_nLike the deranged cousin of “Our House”, T.W.i.N.’s debut single “Found A Flat” is hypnotic pop that will stick in your head long after the final note plays itself out. Duo Laurence and Hugo went from composing the gay porn series “Indie Boys” to this and while I can’t say I was previously familiar with their score work, I can say that if it sounds like this it might be worth checking out (Kids, ask your parents first)! One of the things that instantly stands out (Besides how cutthroat getting a flat seems to be according to the video) is the instrumentation this Pet Shop Boys meets Art Brut duo uses. Handclaps, whistles, trumpets, live drums….it’s all there and works really well together.


Be on the look out for the release of “Found A Flat” through Split Records on June 10th and for more on T.W.i.N.S., check out their FB page.


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