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Now that Timberlake is out, my next major “event” record will be Vampire Weekend’s Modern Vampires of the City, which comes out on May 7th.

The NYC-based quartet is celebrating the album’s impending release with two (count ’em, two!) brand new songs, both of which do a fantastic job at integrating the familiar VW sound with a few new touches. “Diane Young” finds the guys getting all glitchy and electronic at that ass. It actually sounds more like something keyboard whiz Rostam Batmanglij would’ve done on his side project Discovery than an actual Vampire Weekend record, and that is a good thing!

Meanwhile, “Step” finds the guys lowering the pace a little bit and focusing on Ezra Koenig’s lyrics and vocals. As our own Michael Parr noted, “Step” sounds like VW mashed up with Death Cab for Cutie. Again, a good thing. Not that I could look forward to Modern Vampires much more than I already do, but these songs point to the album being a keeper for sure.

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