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Telekinesis-Dormarion-600x600There’s nothing quite like the feeling I get upon being surprised at finding out that an artist I like not only has a new album coming out but also, that’s it’s release is barely a month away. The “band” I’m talking about today is Telekinesis aka Michael Benjamin Lerner. I first discovered Telekinesis while watching Chuck and the song “Please Ask For Help” just pulled at my heartstrings during a pivotal scene. After hearing the album 12 Desperate Straight Lines, I was hooked.  The album balanced rock, pop, new wave, and even country so perfectly and managed to pull on my heartstrings without the visual Zachary Levi accompaniment.

With “Ghosts And Creatures”, the first single off of April’s Dormarion, Telekinesis is out to keep fans guessing yet again. A heavily electronic soaked affair, “Ghosts…” is steady thanks to Lerner’s metronome like time keeping while vocally he’s soaring to new heights with a glistening chorus that’s unholy in its’ incredibleness (It’s a word. Really.).

You can listen to “Ghosts And Creatures” here and pre-order Dormarion (Out April 2nd through Merge Records) here.

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