Spin Cycle

796042331-1Possibly the only 2-track 7″ you need to invest in this year, Minot’s The Ringing Silence Between Your Ears is just beautiful. Call them post-rock or call them prog just don’t call them boring. An instrumental 3-piece like no other out there, Minot is upping the ante for non-vocal bands while making a strong case that the music can do the talking just fine.

“The Means Relativize The Ends” is the lead off and sees bassist Ben Thorne and guitarist Matthew W. Solberg riffing off of each other until drummer Shannon Corr enters and builds the crescendo to the upcoming sonic explosion. The title track is a slow builder clocking in at over seven minutes and features Corr’s hypnotic yet complex drum style that leads the song to its inevitable conclusion taking detours in a multitude of time signatures and never losing focus.

The Ringing Silence Between Your Ears is out now through The Mylene Sheath. Get yours right here right now or over here should their music compel you to buy (Trust me, it will!).

Grade: A

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