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slydIf you thought 2012 had the goods when it came to great new music then you ain’t heard nothing yet because !!! (Pronounce “Chk Chk Chk”. Are we really still doing this?) is back to destroy expectations and the competition completely. The first offering from April’s THR!!!LLER, “Slyd” is solid !!! through and through albeit a little bit more futuristic (Think of the song as a natural progression of “The Hammer” from Strange Weather…).

Vocalist Nic Offer is mesmerizing even when you can’t actually see him perform and whether his voice is distorted or clean, the message is clear: !!! is back and it’s time to party! The band is as tight as ever and “Slyd” is a great indication of what THR!!!ER holds.

THR!!!ER is out on April 30th through Warp Records. Check out “Slyd” at this location.

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