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I give. JT is the man and his new album, The 20/20 Experience, is on my most-anticipated album of the near future list. At the top.

That said, there’s still an element of swagger-jacking that seems a little more present to me in Justin’s work than it does with others. Although, to be fair, that could just be press influence. Who doesn’t swagger-jack these days?

So, as much as I like “Suit & Tie” the song, and the video is not bad, I can’t help coming up with this equation.

Add 1 part Off the Wall to one part Year of the Gentleman. Toss in a dash of Robin Thicke’s “Magic,” stir in Jay-Z (who, incidentally, has worked with Thicke, Ne-Yo and MJ,) with a sprinkling of Timbaland, and you get “Suit & Tie.” I guess there are worse ways to go…

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