Fred The Godson Possesses The X Factor:

The “B”X that is…

Remember the scene from the movie “Frankenstein” where sparks start flying through the machines, a monster is lowered down from an ascending height, and the mad scientist begins to scream, “It’s alive! It’s alive!”? In comparison, microphones are on fire every time this lyrical beast touches one and the former mantra of “Hip Hop is Dead” becomes a faint memory. After one listen of Fred the Godson, one can’t help to acknowledge the rebirth of Hip Hop, “It’s alive! It’s alive!”

Fred drowns his listeners with his “Golden Age Hip Hop” style. To those that are unfamiliar with the approach, just picture this. Back in the days, when music was on cassette/CD, there were certain artists that put unbelievable phrases together. It’s kind of described as that “Oh Shit” moment. Some were better than others but the ones who really stood out were those who could apply it back to back. Those were your Big Daddy Kane, your Rakim, your Kool G Rap, your KRS-One, your Biggie, your Jay-Z, your Nas and the list goes on (not that much longer though). Anyhow these artists were able to intrigue their listeners enough to rewind tapes until they eventually were worn out enough and popped or press the playback back button on the CD player until the button got stuck in the imprinted position. Fred’s punch lines will make you visit your local Apple store more often than you’d like because you crashed the software from rewinding so much.

Fred the Godson’s ability to attract loads of listeners came at a time when CD sales were basically diminishing. Through visuals on YouTube and classic mixtapes, Fred was able to outweigh his competition (no pun intended) with “Biggie’s wittiness, Jay-Z’s sarcasm” but don’t be fooled into believing that his influences are completely what makes him this total packaged emcee. Fred spits from the gut and resembles no one when he gets into the booth. As soon as the record button is pressed, he comes out firing. If you sat down and listened to any one of his 16 bars, you can’t help but to question exactly how he came up with those lines. For guest appearances, the main artist should never want their verse to come after his. On second thought, you might want to try to get on one of his songs to save yourself from the embarrassment of him being better than you on your own record.

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