Though he died more than three decades ago, filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock’s work continues to fuel the screen’s best horror and suspense movies – and, next month, he’ll be the subject of a new biopic starring an actor who knows a thing or two about scaring the pants off audiences.

Hitchcock stars Anthony Hopkins as The Master of Suspense and Helen Mirren as his loyal wife, Alma Reville. The film laser-focuses on one shining era of his career: having seemingly done every sort of suspense picture he could imagine, Hitchcock came across Psycho, a pulpy horror novel by Robert Bloch. Nobody expected him to convey the book’s gratuitous violence and sexuality to the screen, but the director’s typical cinematic ingenuity made it arguably his greatest and best-known work of art.

As a longtime fan of Psycho – Stephen Rebello’s exhausting making-of book, upon which this film is based, is one of my favorite reads of all time – even I had to admit my trepidations when the former Hannibal Lector was first seen as the rotund Hitchcock. Could he really disappear into the role?

Thankfully, the recently-released trailer indicates he can. Hopkins nails the director’s London drawl and his passion for unsettling his audience – and the film’s real-life cast and crew are terrifically emulated by Hitchcock‘s cast, notably Scarlet Johansson as Psycho‘s leading lady Janet Leigh.

Take a look at the trailer below. Hitchcock comes to theaters November 22 – plenty of time to make a habit of locking your bathroom door before you take a shower.

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