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The Viewfinder: Welcome (Back) to "Jurassic Park"!

The Viewfinder: Welcome (Back) to “Jurassic Park”!

Steven Spielberg’s dino classic stomps into theaters next year in 3D. Has it really been 20 years?

The Viewfinder: Anthony Hopkins Gets Hitched

The Viewfinder: Anthony Hopkins Gets Hitched

Next month’s new Alfred Hitchcock biopic looks to be a good evening, if this trailer is any indication.

The Viewfinder: "MIB 3" Trailer Round 2 - Holy Shiz-Nit!

The Viewfinder: “MIB 3” Trailer Round 2 – Holy Shiz-Nit!

When the teaser for vaguely anticipated threequel Men in Black 3 hit the web in December, I was… less than pleased . Little of what made the 1997 sci-fi/comedy cult classic (and very select parts of the 2002 sequel) so great – the chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones and a colorful supporting cast – was present in the teaser. If anything, the clip acted as a fearsome reminder of what another lauded fantasy/comedy franchise might look like were it to get to a third installment . What more can […]

The Viewfinder: Will "Men in Black III" Be Thrice As Nice?

The Viewfinder: Will “Men in Black III” Be Thrice As Nice?

Will Smith has finally taken time out from forcing his kids to take over pop culture and is making his own path back to the box office: Columbia Pictures released the trailer to Men in Black III yesterday. Call it hyperbole, but Men in Black (1997) was the closest thing the ’90s had to Ghostbusters. A science fiction-heavy plot (based off a cult comic book series ), a comic actor poised for superstar status, a stupidly catchy theme song – it’s all there. MiB‘s retro-chic, World’s Fair style of spacemen and a story that made enough room […]

The Viewfinder: There’s Something Familiar About This “Footloose” Remake

MTV gleefully revealed on Tuesday the first trailer for their I-can’t-believe-this-is-actually-happening remake of Footloose, due to hit theaters October 14. Some of you may remember the early development of this remake of the bizarrely-watchable 1984 original, which was to have had Zac Efron in Kevin Bacon’s dancing shoes and his High School Musical director Kenny Ortega at the helm. Ultimately, Efron left to make a name for himself as a more serious actor ( how’s that working out? ) and replacement Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl […]

“Due Date” Official Trailer: Funniest Movie of the Year?

I’m kind of weird with movies. I can’t recall too many films that I didn’t enjoy, but I’m also not an active theater-goer. Blame it on me being cheap, blame it on me having no attention span. I actually don’t think I’ve seen one movie in a theater this year (except for “Howl”, which was a premiere, so that’s different…kind of). The first movie of 2010 that might get me to sit in a theater for two hours and eat […]