Mariah Carey

Much was made about the new American Idol judges over the summer. Exit J. Lo and Steven Tyler. Enter Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban, and Ellen DeGeneres again. Just kidding. No Ellen. Enter Mariah Carey. The Carey, Minaj, Urban, and Randy Jackson quartet is quite the odd one. On the latest Popblerd Reality Check Podcast, which you can listen to on this site, my co-host Tiffany and I discussed the judges and whether we thought they were a good fit.

While our consensus is mostly that we didn’t like Minaj as a judge and thought Urban may have been the 10th country star asked, we didn’t really expect Mimi and Minaj to get so crazy with each other so early. Mariah is obviously the star of the show, much like J. Lo was last year, and Minaj is going to play second fiddle to her all year long.

Celebrity pop-gossip site TMZ has been posting about the Minaj/Carey relationship and while there have been predictable bumps in the roads, it finally hit a climax yesterday during a taping of the auditions for the new season.

TMZ posted the video below which shows Minaj going buck wild at Carey.

One can only imagine how Fox will pimp this come January. Can Mimi and Minaj co-exist? Are either of them sane enough to last for the entire season? And if not, who is waiting in the wings? Lauryn Hill must be sitting by her phone waiting for a call. No one can out-crazy Lauryn.


My friend Jakey reminded me of this video. Yes, Mimi and Minaj on a song together exists.

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