Tiffany (@tvproducerlady on Twitter) and I have been doing this podcast for nearly a year now. And it finally has a name. Welcome to The Popblerd Reality Check.

We chop it up for nearly 80 minutes of fun and games and here are some of the things we discuss:

– The new American Idol judges panel which now includes Mariah Carey (aka Honey B. Fly), Nikki Minaj, Keith Urban, and Randall Jackson. We wonder how many country artists had to say no before Urban was the choice.

– The first two weeks of X Factor auditions and whether there are any good singers yet. We know there are goof balls like Rizzloe Jones. But who is good and who has a shot to go far?

– Britney Spears and how she makes the show seem a little more important because of her famousness. And also, someone please dress this girl and help her with her makeup.

– MTV’s The Challenge and whether Tiffany will take on my request to watch the show so that we can discuss it.

– Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

– Tiffany’s run-in with Leo DiCaprio.

– Kim and Kanye.

Right click to download or stream below.


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