Whether we watched the ceremony or skimmed the results, the Popblerd team had one thing in common: we all had strong opinions to voice about the 64th annual Emmy Awards. How strong? Why don’t you read for yourself!

Jesse, jilted FX fan: It was fucking awful and awkward. They spaced it out so much at the beginning that all the big ones at the end got played off. And don’t get me started on the lack of FX presence…..

Gaze into the face of Emmy Awards tyranny!

Big Money, faithful leader and sitcom follower: I watched a small portion of it. Wasn’t terribly impressed by what I saw. It seems that they drag out the same winners every year, at least in the comedy field. No way in hell Modern Family was the best sitcom on the air this year–they actually came dangerously close to jumping the shark this past season. I also think that Jon Stewart’s reign in the variety show category needs to come to an end. As does Jim Parsons as Sheldon is the most singularly annoying character on The Big Bang Theory. Even if I don’t swing from Louis C.K.’s nuts like so many others do, I’ve got to say he’d probably have been the best choice of all those nominated.

I feel like Stonestreet only got the Best Supporting Actor award because he’s a straight dude playing gay. Ed O’ Neill deserves that, not only because he’s the most believable character on that damn show, but because he never got so much as a sneeze for playing Al Bundy for 12 years. /rant

GG, armchair quarterback: I missed the entire thing, except for one category which was Reality Show Host. Ryan Seacrest was robbed!

There was quite the story going on during the NFL game on NBC which handily beat the Emmys in the ratings, so I stayed with the football game.

Jesse: Yeah, Modern Family didn’t do anything for me until the last 5 episodes. Regina said the same thing about Stonestreet. There were so many newer comedies that deserved noms.

The Emmy’s may have forgotten, but Popblerd remembers you, Jerry!

As for Jim Parsons, I have to disagree. Love him. The other guys have gotten ridiculously stereotyped. Sheldon and Blossom are owning that show. As for Louis CK, not a big fan, but for all the “I don’t do it for the praise”, he had an awful lot of noms.

Did like the stage set up with the category headers. Was pissed they left off The Count from the “in memoriam” segment.

Drew, TV polymath: Not a lot to weigh in on here – I liked Modern Family‘s first season, haven’t been following it since. (Nothing against the show, I just haven’t gotten around to it.)

Glad to see Aaron Paul win for Breaking Bad, though – he seemed genuinely humbled by winning again, and while I wouldn’t have been mad at a Giancarlo Esposito upset, Paul just killed it this season. Some of his best work on the show to date. I was hoping for a Bryan Cranston win, but I ain’t mad at Damien Lewis. I haven’t seen Homeland (ed note: even after my review!?), but I know from films he’s done that he’s an absolutely masterful actor.

Visual evidence to corroborate Drew’s story.

Claire Danes seems to just get prettier with each passing year. Considering how unattracted I was to her as a teenager, I was not prepared for that realization.

I dunno. Pretty pumped Glee didn’t get any awards, I guess. I don’t mind Jon Stewart’s reign at the top, but I do think Colbert deserves to be thrown a bone one of these years. He’s been on fire lately. Also happy to see Mr. CK get some love – whether he wants it or not, I’m glad he’s basically comedy royalty at this point, because the man’s so funny it’s become dangerous for me to listen to his albums in the car.

Oh, and Amy Poehler absolutely RIPPED Parks & Rec this year. I kinda thought with a season-long performance that ridiculously strong, she had to be a shoo-in. Sadly not the case, but her beautiful work deserves some mention.

Jay, NBC apologist: Agreed on Clare Danes. Damn. Was hoping Hader and Wiig would win, but MF has a MFin lock on the Emmys. Also, Jon Cryer? WTF?

I’m still pissed that Community didn’t get much if anything in the way of nominations. And Parks and Rec owned this year and should have won something; Julia Louis-Dreyfus is great and I like Veep, but Amy Poehler shoulda won best actress, dammit.

I like Modern Family, but I don’t think it’s the greatest comedy ever in the history of ha ha. It’s good. Certainly not “every cast member should be nominated” good. That’s Parks and Rec. And Community. And I still like 30 Rock much more than Modern Family.

Stephen, smug HBO subscriber: I was happy with the drama end of things, mostly. Sure, Breaking Bad maybe deserved it more, but Homeland was extremely well done and Lewis and Danes gave unbelievable performances. I can’t blame the voters for siding with the new kid.

But the entire comedy end was an absolute joke. Cryer for best actor? Modern Family winning a THIRD best comedy award against Girls when I would be hard pressed to argue it deserved more than one?

On the plus side, having never heard of Game Change despite being an HBO subscriber, I’ve got something to look forward to on my DVR.


Brittany, girl upset by snubbing of Girls: Girls got robbed.  And that’s all I have to say about that.

And some final sage words from Chris for all of us raging:

Chris, voice of reason: One thing to be aware of with the Emmys – for an individual award, they typically submit one episode from the season for nomination. For a series, around 6.

So the question isn’t really whether Modern Family is better than another comedy over a whole season, or whether Jon Cryer can carry a whole season, but how much better are they for that small sample.



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