I’ve made my appreciation for Canadian songstress Esthero very much known on this site. The only thing that frustrates me about her–well, OK. There are two things that frustrate me about her. One is her complete lack of mainstream recognition, and the second is that she takes so damn long between albums. First album was released in 1998, second album was released in 2005.

The good thing about that is…with seven year intervals between albums, she’s due for a new one this year! Sure enough, Everything is Expensive will be released on October 30th. The first visual from the project is called “Never Gonna Let You Go.” The song and video are both solid but quirky in typical Esthero fashion. I’m not *totally* sure I get this clip, nevertheless it’s pretty fascinating from a visual perspective. Check it out, and if you’re not already familiar with Esthero, make sure you mark her on your list of artists to check out!

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