Before you read this article, let’s just agree to disagree. It’s election time again and well…I’ll be the first to admit that as an African American, I didn’t vote for President Obama because he is a black man. I voted for him because he is an “intelligent” black man.

Call me ignorant if it makes you feel better but I had never been into politics until Obama was elected. I had enough issues dealing with local laws than to be concerned about the ones that affect the country as a whole. The truth of the matter is I smartened up a bit more because my president is black. And, I am sure that if you took a poll amongst African Americans on why they voted for Barack, if they gave honest answers, it probably would resemble mines. His unorthodox campaign techniques and views only sweetened the pot more to close the deal. He gave us “Hope”.

To add clarity, this is not to say I believe he is the best president. Again I voted because he is an “intelligent” black man and the one who made the most sense to me at the time. If his opponents were all black, he would have still gotten my vote. After the visuals of him are acknowledged, at some point common sense has to kick in and one must ask themselves if he is good representative of “us”. The “us” that I am referring to is the rest of the nation. It’s one thing to have pride about an African American running for president but it’s another thing to want him to be there knowing he is incompetent. Obviously, it made sense to a range of nationalities as the final tallies were revealed to the country.

As Barack comes up for re-election, it would be impossible for me not to think back on the abuse that man encountered during this term. First of all, I don’t care what the color of any candidate’s skin is when they are expressing their political views. It all boils down to who wordsmiths their promises the best. In the long run they’re all saying the same thing; vote for me. The reality is, the country is a business and local businesses are hard enough to run so imagine the responsibility of someone who has to run the country. The success rate is almost nonexistent for any man or woman of any race. Now, if you can, imagine being him in that position.

Forget imagining, Google it. Look for dumb shit like the president is asked to reveal his birth certificate. Look for the request of his college degree. Look for the racial slurs thrown at him that the media chose to highlight. Neglect all his accomplishments (passed health care reform, eliminated Osama Bin Laden, recapitalized banks, turned around the US auto industry, etc) given that the country was basically turned over to him in a state of “fucked up” for him to fix.

And after all of that, he wants to do it over again…He’s still standing, still strong… Titanium.

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