Royal Teeth are a 6 piece dance rock band from New Orleans who deliver the most captivating energy, enthusiastic drum beats, and compassionate vocals in their fun and quirky live performances.

I came across Royal Teeth by accident and without expectation when they were announced as opener for The Kooks first stop of their tour in Boston back in May. The band took the stage and it was a clean slate between me and them.

I think maybe just based on visuals, the first thing I noticed was how attractive both of the lead singers, Gary and Nora, were, and I started to judge them thinking, “Oh, what is this going to be?” Yea, I shouldn’t do that, I know, but when you know nothing of the band’s sound, your eyes tend to perceive first.

My judging a book by the cover was completely wrong. When they introduced themselves and started playing their first song, I became really interested and kind of like a moth to a flame. Something was drawing me in. Maybe it was the fact that I love to dance at shows, maybe it was the fact that their harmonies were pretty much spot on, or maybe, just maybe it was both.

By the time their last song arrived, Gary jumped the barrier and took his stand alone drum into the massive crowd, cozying up to the audience by taking cameras and phones and holding it up to record his band behind him and close up of him singing (brings more to the “front row seat” perspective, if you ask me). I knew at that moment that they’d be ones to watch.

Flash forward two months to July, and for some reason, I neglected to follow through with finding more out about this band… that is until I found out they were opening for Animal Kingdom in Pawtucket. I was even more sold on the show.

I finally listened to their whole EP Act Naturally (which is fantastic) and having been to this venue (The Met) before and knowing how intimate it is, there was no doubt in my mind that this show be great.

Since they were the second openers, and apparently people don’t show up to see the opening acts anymore (for shame), there were only about 20/25 people there (talk about intimate!). However, Royal Teeth played like it was for 2,000 people, with their energy comparable to, if not exceeding, what it was at the almost sold out Kooks show.

I’ve actually labeled myself as the “crazy dancing chick” for reasons like this very one, but I bravely started the notion to move up to the stage at the beginning of their set, with high expectations and a desire to lose myself in the music and dance. To my happiness, the others followed and were really getting into it as much as I was.

They played through tracks “Heartbeat,” in which Nora’s beautiful voice rang out so strong and clear, other tracks on the EP “My Donna,” “For Keeps,” “Act Naturally,” and even treated us to a song that they had only performed once before (unfortunately I don’t know the name *shrug*).

They always close (as I learned) with their full energy, no stops single “Wild,” in which Gary famously (ok, maybe not famously, but it will be famous, I know it) joins the audience with his drum.

It was a tiny little dance circle, but it was basically the most awesome thing ever because how often do you actually get to be a major part of the band’s set, other than in a reacting audience sort of way? Everyone was dancing and Gary hit the drum so energetically and passionately that his stick shattered in two.

I’m not sure if it was the drummer or the bassist, but one of the Joshuas (there are two in the band, I’m 75% sure it was the bassist) joined him on the floor and exploded a confetti cannon over all of our heads before joining in on the dance drum circle.

All of the colors, all of the lights, all of the emotion and passion, all of the upbeat music, and most of all, all of the dancing made this a lot of good ol’ honest fun.

Plus, they’re all super nice people just trying to spread their love of music to others. It’s been 2 ½ weeks since that show, and because I gladly support friendly musicians, (and, obviously I like their music) I bought their EP. I’ve played it probably 3-4 times a week, I’m that in love with it at the moment.

So, now I’m sharing this awesome new, feel good band with you.

Check out how fun their song “Wild” is below.

And just for good laughs, this is the show I went to and OH look, I’m in this video! “Crazy Dancing Girl” who appears in the bottom left every once in a while.

You can also Spotify their EP here:
And if you like it, please, please don’t hesitate to buy it!

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