Hot on the heels of releasing what is sure to be one of metal’s greatest releases of 2012, Baroness lead guitarist Pete Adams spoke with The Blerd13 about what it takes to create a masterpiece like Yellow & Green, the color trend of Baroness records and what fans can expect live with the evolution of the Baroness sound:


1. In my review of Yellow & Green, I pondered that  “Steel That Sleeps The Eye” off of The Blue Record could possibly be the foundation off what the album was based on. What was the inspiration going into Yellow & Green?
We write so much of our records acoustically. Some material doesn’t translate well into amplification. Songs like “steel” on the other hand, is a song that can performed both amplified with a full band behind it to just two acoustics and two vocals.

2. It’s been three years since The Blue Record came out which is the longest gap between Baroness records so far. How long did the actual recording of Y&G take?
The entire process was about 14 months in the making. We spent only 6 actual weeks in the studio with Yellow and Green.

3. While Y&G is definitely a Baroness record, it’s definitely a departure for the band. What led to the new direction?
The need to get any and all ideas out there and to also add dynamics or more of a flow to our live set. We want to play longer sets with more peaks and valleys. The new material, we think, will fit nicely in amongst the older material.

4. When did you know that Y&G was going to be a double album? Was it decided before the recording started or did it grow as recording started?
We decided early on in it to do a double album. We were writing so much music that like I said earlier, we just wanted out. It also would have been hard to squeeze all that music onto one album without ear fatigue after a 75 min long listen. So the double breaks it up pretty well.

5. With the overall sound Y&G has, do you think your touring partners will change?
Don’t know yet, only time will tell. It obviously has a broader reach than earlier material but I reckon it’ll have to catch on first.

6. Speaking of touring partners and just coming off a tour with Meshuggah, how did the new material go over with fans?
It went over great! People every night were out front singing along with only bad YouTube videos to reference.

7. Where is your favorite place to play venue-wise? Are you happiest playing in a club or in a stadium or in someone’s backyard?
That’s an awesome question because I’ve played all of those now. They all hold their own place.  We opened for Metallica on their stage and while it was intimidating as hell, it was also a rad experience that I had never had before. I’ve played house shows that have evoked every emotion that I have in me. It’s all good to me, man. I love playing live no matter where or who it’s in front of.

8. Do you have plans to do a headlining tour once the album comes out?
Indeed, we will be out in the States this fall in support of our new album.

9. There have been quite a few line-up changes over the years most recently with the departure of Summer Welch, has Baroness finally settled into a permanent line-up?
Well, Summer (Welch) was with the band from infancy so I’m still getting used to not having him here. He’s also a dear friend of mine that I’ve known for over 20 years now. Do we have the ” permanent ” line up now? Not sure but, I can say Matt Maggioni is a great musician with a great presence on stage. We can only feel it out and see what the future brings.

10. A question I’m sure you’re asked a lot but will the color concept continue with future albums?
It’s simply just a cool way to theme our records. People tend to think red was angry and blue was sad and yellow and green are more chilled out and melancholy.  That’s fine we want you take it anyway you see fit. But, it was never a conscious thing to do. They also look really cool when you line them all up together.

Yellow & Green is available now through Relapse Records.

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