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The Blerd13 (lite) with...Pete Adams of Baroness!

The Blerd13 (lite) with…Pete Adams of Baroness!

Pete Adams, lead guitarist of Southern metal band Baroness, spoke with The Blerd13 about the epic Yellow & Green double album, out now!

The Blerd13 with...Nachtmystium!

The Blerd13 with…Nachtmystium!

The Blerd13 gets a twofer from Nachtmystium as Blake Judd and Sanford Parker discuss the band’s upcoming album Silencing Machine, touring plans, and being one of the most diverse Black Metal acts around.

The Blerd13 with…Mike Sarkisyan of Spineshank!

Spineshank are back and better than ever in 2012 with a just announced headlining tour in support of their latest, Anger Denial Acceptance (Out on June 19th through Century Media). Recently, guitarist Mike Sarkisyan chatted with The Blerd13 via phone to talk about the new record, the band’s reformation and the possibility of some acoustic Spineshank in the future:   1. As a fan, I was devastated when you guys split after putting out what I felt was your best […]

The Blerd13 (Lite) with…Hank & Cupcakes!

2012 is shaping up to be one of the best years for emerging new artists. One such “emerging new artist” you should know about is Hank And Cupcakes who are about to release their debut full-length NAKED following a scorching EP and their unprecedented, much talked about live shows. They chatted with The Blerd13 recently via email to fill you in on their origins and to tell you why they are a band you need to know about yesterday: 1. First off, listening […]

Hank & Cupcakes, NAKED: Album Review

Hank & Cupcakes, NAKED: Album Review

Hank And Cupcakes brilliant debut, NAKED, is finally here! Check out our review!

The Blerd13 (lite) with…Jason Bieler of Owl Stretching!

Jason Bieler is a songwriter/guitarist you should already know from his work with Saigon Kick in the late ’80’s/early ’90’s. If you didn’t know the man already through SK or through his work with Bieler Bros. Records (Will Haven, Soil, Look Right Penny, etc…), then his work with Owl Stretching is sure to turn your heads his way. Mr. Bieler recently chatted with the Blerd13 via email to talk about Owl Stretching, the state of the biz, and if Saigon Kick will ever play again: […]

The Blerd13 (lite) with...Rex Brown!

The Blerd13 (lite) with…Rex Brown!

Legendary metal bassist Rex Brown (Pantera, Down) recently chatted with the Blerd13 to discuss his new band Kill Devil Hill, the Pantera legacy, and his upcoming autobiography.

The Blerd13 with…Tommy Victor of Prong!

Another Blerd13?!?!?!? 2012 keeps bringing the hits as we managed to get Prong’s mainman Tommy Victor on the phone to talk about the latest album, making it in the music industry, and working with some of heavy metal’s more eccentric personalities:   1. To say that Carved Into Stone is the definitive Prong record is kind of an understatement after hearing it repeatedly over the last 24 hours. With the amount of albums and artists you’ve been involved with over […]

The Blerd13 (lite) with…Jeanne Sagan of All That Remains!

It’s been a long time coming but MA’s own All That Remains are finally ready for the big show and their headlining appearance during Day 2 of The 14th Annual New England Metal And Hardcore Fest proves it. Bassist Jeanne Sagan chatted with The Blerd13 to talk about the show and plans ATR’s next album.   1. How important is it for All That Remains to be headlining one of the days of the 14th Annual New England Metal And Hardcore Fest? We have become successful in the radio world and I […]

The Blerd13 with...Herman Li of Dragonforce!

The Blerd13 with…Herman Li of Dragonforce!

The Blerd13’s keep clogging up your Saturday reading with ANOTHER  interview! This time we’ve got Dragonforce’s Herman Li who will be appearing with the rest of the band at The 14th Annual New England Metal And Hardcore Fest at the Worcester Palladium tonight! Li talks all things Dragonforce including their new singer, their new album, and the kick off of their World Tour!     1. You’re back with a new album (The Power Within) and a new singer (Marc Hudson), how important is your latest album within the history of Dragonforce? […]

The Blerd13 (lite) with...Trevor Phipps of Unearth!

The Blerd13 (lite) with…Trevor Phipps of Unearth!

First off, I’d like to welcome you properly to The Blerd13 (lite). It’s got less questions AND less calories so it’s good for your attention span and your health while you read (Not really). If you live in New England and love some metal, chances are you know Unearth . You probably know about that annual thing they call The New England Metal And Hardcore Fest , too, right? Unearth are playing. They take the stage at 6. Vocalist Trevor Phipps gives us the scoop.   1. You’ll […]

Spin Cycle: Prong “Carved Into Stone”

Calling Prong’s latest album, Carved Into Stone, the definitive Prong album (And possibly their best) would be an understatement. Their first in almost five years, Carved Into Stone manages to encapsulate everything that Prong has ever been into a neat package and still look to the future with open arms. There’s hints of Rude Awakening industrial, the grind of Prove You Wrong, the perfection of Cleansing, some nods to thrash and some just plain old good metal. “Eternal Heat” is […]