I used to have a theory that the more remote controls you have the higher in social status and class you probably were. Now, don’t get me wrong, in my theory these remote controls had to be for quality audio/video products. My old GPX compact disc player came with a remote control but no matter how many of those you threw into a pile no one was confusing me for upper class. But—you toss a remote that controlled a home theater system, a remote for a big screen tv, a huge module stereo, etc and all of a sudden you’re probably looking at someone with a few bucks in their bank account.

Times have changed. No one has multiple remotes anymore. In fact, you’re more likely to have one very thin, very tiny thing that controls your tv, stereo, hell maybe even your computer audio functions. That theory I had back in college simply has not stood the test of time. A new theory of mine however has taken its place. I now believe that the number of portable electronic devices one owns says something about one’s social standing.

The interesting thing when you delve into my theory is that it works like my remote control theory to a certain point. You probably have a personal computer somewhere in your house and at this point most of us have cell phones of some point, a lot of us have laptops we carry with us to work or for work to various hot spots around the city, then there are more advanced phones, tablets and a whole bunch of products I’m not even aware of I’m sure. So, the more plugged in you are probably says something about how plugged in you have to be. I know people who only have a cell phone and no, I don’t mean droid or iPhone, I mean cell phone. They have no need to be plugged in beyond that. I have a PC, a laptop I schlep back and forth to work, I have a droid I use to stay connected while on the road making sales calls and so I can let the world know every important event that happens in my life the second it happens, if I’m lucky I can use the camera phone to document it with a picture. Recently I’ve even acquired a tablet that makes it easier to read texts, update Facebook and stay connected and let everyone know exactly where I am at all times!

Now, here’s the interesting thing about my theory. At some point electronics and reduction/duality begins to take effect. You are able, for enough money, to reduce the amount of products you’re carrying by paying enough to have each item do multiple functions. These people are the real breadwinners in our society. They walk around with a device I’ve yet to find out about that’s small enough to be extremely cool yet big enough to enable one to read e-mail, blog, word process, hell even talk on the phone, etc all with one device that’s so cool only the elite have it and so cost prohibitive even if we do know about it, we the huddled masses could never afford it. You probably think I’m kidding but have you seen the price for top of the line iPads or tablets? Most of my guitars cost less, hell I don’t know I paid that much for my first car.

So, I’m at the point where I have the need to be connected using multiple devices. I use each for specific purposes and have integrated my home life, business life and really my hobbies all with different electronic devices. I can record a song on my PC or laptop, while getting an e-mail from a client; I can look up chords on my Droid while getting directions to a clients and even pull up the music for a new song I’m trying to learn on my tablet while taking a PDF of a program I’m trying to sell them that I’ve created on my laptop. On the other hand, I don’t have the money it takes to buy the super hot, super secretive, super shiny device that’s the perfect mix of flat and small that would allow me to do everything from this one new device. I usually play it cool and act like I’m too hip to want these things. Let’s not kid ourselves though, I want it, I really want it. Can you imagine you awesome my Tweets would be? I’ll bet my check in’s would be something special!

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